Visit out hardware department and see all the unique items needed for your home upgrades and maintenance. Paint, painting supplies, nails, screws, plumbing supplies, wood working materials and even a tool to remove ticks!

We have it all!

• Paint and painting supplies
• Caulks and sealants
• Top quality hardware
• Toughest tools
• Clamps and levels
• Nails and screws
• Cabinet hardware
• Complete line of electrical supplies
• Light bulbs
• PVC pipes and fittings
• Gloves- All Kinds!
• Miles of chain and rope
• Wheel borrows and hose
• Yard and garden tools
• Primo Ceramic Grills and Blackstone Griddles

The more you look, the more you see!


• Custom paint matching and mixing
• Key cutting
• Window screen replacing and frame repair

We also feature custom glass fabrication for your windows, lanterns, tabletops, and shelving. Tempered and standard glass are available in varying thicknesses as well as Plexiglas and Lexan.